Overall Benefits - Family CyclingA means for change

Sitting, standing, walking, thinking – activities that we do every day. But do we ever think about how we do them? We often respond to the demands of our life-style and environment by increasing the amount of tension we hold in our bodies. Think of the athlete who tries too hard and gets injured, the performer who gets nervous and spoils the show, or the child struggling in class chewing a pencil. We learn our movement habits when we are young; as adults we no longer pay much attention to them. But those unconscious habits continue to affect our health and well-being in the present. They determine the ease or difficulty with which we accomplish everything we do.

Through engaging our conscious awareness and innate intelligence, the Alexander Technique offers a means to enhance our coordination, overall fitness, and potential for learning. It offers a means for change.

The Alexander Technique provides a simple but powerful way of rejuvenating our natural resilience so that we can let go of these tensions, while maintaining our inherent calm and poise, integrity and coordination. Lessons in the Technique also provide us with a tool to help us prevent harming ourselves, and ensure continued health.

What can the Alexander Technique be used for?

This Alexander Technique can be particularly helpful for:

  • a variety of medical conditions, including alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by postural, movement or breathing-related difficulties
  • situations of undue or extended physical or emotional stress
  • improving skills in any sphere (performance: music and drama, creativity, sport, martial arts)
  • personal growth, mindfulness, raising consciousness
  • restoring poise and grace (easy and natural posture)
  • stiff necks and shoulders
  • nervous tension/ headaches/ anxiety
  • prevention of backache in pregnancy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • high blood pressure
  • asthma
  • balance and coordination


Research has shown the efficacy of the Alexander Technique. For more information and published reports, please click on these links to the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and the UK Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.


Self awareness and self control 

The Alexander Technique is a direct route for people to “know themselves” better. By raising their awareness in the moment, it becomes easier for people to control their reactions, opening up their choices, and making it easier for them to take responsibility and experience genuine freedom.

Many people describe a growing sense of “coming home to themselves”, with a stronger sense of their own identity, and the development of emotional maturity.