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Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies (ATAS) is a valuable point of contact between the South African Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (SASTAT) and other professional Alexander teacher societies around the world. All the organisations who participate in ATAS recognise the teaching members of all other affiliated societies.

There are 18 such organisations internationally, one of which is SASTAT in South Africa. ATAS considers issues of reciprocal recognition between societies, the professional profile of the Alexander Technique, the commonly held standards and aims and procedures of the affiliated societies, as well as their standards of professional conduct and membership requirements. Here is a list of ATAS affiliated societies:

Australia: AUSTAT

Austria: GATOE

Belgium: AEFMAT

Brazil: ABTA

Canada: CanSTAT

Denmark: DFLAT

Finland: FINSTAT

France: APTA

Germany: ATVD

Israel: ISAT

The Netherlands: NeVLAT

New Zealand: Attsnz

Norway: NFLAT

Spain: APTAE

Switzerland: SBAT/APSTA

United Kingdom: STAT

United States of America: AmSAT