Small children are naturally free and comfortable in mind and body. But in response to the physical and emotional stress of life, we begin to accumulate fixed patterns of unconscious holding in our thinking and our bodies. These form deep-seated habits that dominate our lives and of which we remain largely unaware. We are only reminded that something is amiss by the results of these habits, which manifest as problems, like aches and anxieties.

It is possible to free ourselves. And this is what F.M. Alexander set out to do. He originated a technique which he called a “method of psycho-physical re-education”. So, the Alexander Technique is a self-help method that involves us becoming more aware, more connected, and more in control of how we go about things – giving us a handle on our lives and reactions, and a way to change the things we don’t like about ourselves.

The Alexander Technique can be learnt from a qualified teacher.