38755494 - woman with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.Our way of being and moving in the world is something generally unknown to ourselves. Habits of thinking and moving are deeply ingrained, and unconscious. Yet they have the power to frustrate our design and potential. To discover and release them, you will need individual lessons from a trained Alexander Teacher. With a practiced eye and learnt sensitivity, the Alexander Teacher will uncover your holding patterns and reveal them to you, helping you gain an insight into your unconscious and reactive patterns of mind and body. Teaching comprises gentle guidance and instruction that facilitates learning, helping you release and prevent these unconstructive patterns. The result of lessons is greater coordination, a quieter mind, and more conscious control of movement and thought.

Learning is practical, hands-on, and pleasant. The teacher provides support and direction for you increasingly to take charge of your own learning, with the result that the Technique becomes a self-help tool, always available to you. You should experience almost immediate awareness of the benefits, but the process of being able to apply the Technique in stressful situations and to further your own learning may take somewhat longer.

We recommend a course of around twenty to thirty lessons as a basic introduction to the Alexander Technique. This should be sufficient for you to be able to apply it with some success on your own. However, each person is unique and many prefer to continue with lessons for an extended period, partly because the lessons are so enjoyable but also because this hastens progress. It takes participation on your part to overcome the habits built up over your lifetime, and it takes time for this to become second nature. When you learn the Technique, however, you learn something that you can apply for yourself, so progress is very much up to you.