Training to be a teacher of the Alexander Technique represents a serious commitment to one’s self-improvement. It can be a wonderful period of growth and fun.

Before considering training one should have had considerable experience of the Technique by having private lessons with a qualified teacher. Then, after completing a three-year, full-time training, one may be considered for certification by the head of the training course.

Training courses are approved by the South African Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (SASTAT) only after an extensive vetting process. As teachers of the Alexander Technique, trainers are bound by the SASTAT Constitution and Code of Conduct. Students’ progress is gauged from time to time by an approved, external moderator. These aspects help ensure that standards are maintained and that students have the best chance to obtain their teacher certificates.

The responsibility for running a Training Course lies with its head of training, so trainees should meet with them and consider their teaching style before committing to their choice of Training Course. To find out more about the current situation with the Training Courses in South Africa, please write to

Certificated teachers may join the South African governing organisation, SASTAT, which is recognised internationally and affiliated to 17 societies around the world.