The way to benefit from the Alexander Technique is to have lessons from a qualified teacher. For lessons to be effective, they need the guidance and hands-on contact of a skilled teacher – moment by moment. On the surface, the teacher will invite you to undertake a range of activities, such as walking and sitting. The real goal of the teacher is to introduce and explain the principles of the Alexander Technique, making them available for you to apply in your daily activities. Because the release of tension is accompanied by shifts in balance, a part of the lesson may also involve lying on a flat surface, while being guided by the teacher.


As learning progresses from lesson to lesson, pupils tend to become more poised in all aspects of daily life. With greater self-control over their reactions they tend to feel lighter and more spacious, and move with greater freedom and ease. This improves self-confidence. Pupils tend to feel taller and are able to be more open and approachable. They report reduced anxiety, improved performance, and less pain and discomfort. It becomes easier to enjoy life, work better, and be in the moment.